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About Us


I Care About You.

But I even care more about your hair. Just like you do or maybe should. Right?

Having a “Bad Hair Day“, or a day where you just can’t seem to get it all right, can and should be a thing of the past if you pay a bit more attention to your hair and the condition of it. With the excellent hair products available these days, this can’t be difficult any more. To put it differently, the excuses for having a bad hair day are gone…

How Add More Volume to Your Hair?

It is possible (and not that difficult at all). Not all shampoos are equal.

Like George Orwell once said:

All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others“. The same goes for Volumizing shampoo: All shampoos are created equal, but some are more equal than others. To put it differently not all volumizing shampoos are the same. You pay for quality. Plus the developments in what a shampoo “can do” for your hair has also significantly evolved.

Shampoo is no longer meant only for simply cleaning your hair and taking out the grease. Even though, when you read the label and compare a good quality shampoo with a “cheap” one you will see many differences and even more similarities. But let me reassure you, there are certainly differences.

In other words, quality matters.

We hope you enjoy this site (and your hair will enjoy it even more!). Have a good read, and follow my advice. There are also a couple of videos available on how to take care of your hair, and how to wash your hair properly.

Pick a shampoo that is right for you (I’ve got several articles on that as well), and develop your own style. Yes, you might spend a bit more money, but it will definitely be worth it.

If you look better, you will feel better. Make yourself shine!

Your hair will thank you later (and hopefully you will thank us ;-))

Thanks for stopping by at our website best volumizing shampoo