Applying Shampoos Correctly

Applying Shampoos Correctly

Are you looking for more volume adding shampoos that will give your hair the startling, refreshing and sharp look? Look no further, because this is the home of varied shampoos that have been specially selected to make help your hair become thicker and stronger and give it that shiny healthy look that you’ve always wanted.

But it is not only about the product. The way you use your shampoo is equally important. Simply putting your expensive quality shampoo in your hair, washing and rinsing will not give you the promised and best results. Below are a number of tips to keep in mind when you’re applying your shampoo. Nothing fancy, simply straight talk to get the best results.

Don’t Use Too Much Shampoo

Most people use way too much shampoo when they wash their hair. If you fall in that category of people, either changes your habit or buy a body & hair shampoo that is cheap. Otherwise, you will just be wasting you money.

The shampoos that you can find on this website here are a thrill to use. A small amount (and we’re talking here about 1/3rd the size of an egg) goes a long way, as it lathers quickly and is equally smooth, leaving your hair feeling incredibly clean and volumized. Improving the overall look and feel of your hair, and making you feel better about yourself.

You will find that if you use cheap shampoo, you’ll need more of it to do the job right. Test this yourself, and buy a cheap bottle. Compare this with a more specific-for-your-hair shampoo and notice the difference. If you’re convinced, you can always use the cheap shampoo as a body wash afterwards.

The shampoos mentioned on this site have nice aroma’s as well and are economically priced. Making them a good choice for anyone looking for quality and affordable shampoos.

Hot or Cold Water

This has often been a subject of debate. Let’s be clear, washing your hair with steaming hot water does not make sense. It will damage your hair, your follicles and your scalp. So don’t do this.

It is best to wash your hair with lukewarm water (we’re not telling you anything new here, right?). If you don’t like to do this in your shower, use your washing basin, to only wash your hair. The advantage of doing it like this is that it is easier to leave your shampoo in your hair for a couple of minutes. This also works well when you’re using a conditioner (you are using a conditioner, aren’t you? if not you should consider using one. Click here to read more.)

Should you find yourself in a situation when you don’t have any shampoo available, then cold water is your best option. My own experience is that you can wash your hair once with cold water and it will turn out OK. Do it more often will not work, because your hair and scalp do become greasy, and only lukewarm water will make your shampoo perform the best way.

Using Conditioner

If you really want to take good care of your hair, you should use a conditioner. Not every time you wash your hair, but at least once in every 4 times.

It will bring your hair back to its original condition, clean, and well taken care of.

tip to use conditioner is to use a comb to easily dispense it.

  1. Make sure you put enough conditioner in the palm of your hair.
  2. Put your hand palm on the top of your head, putting the conditioner right on top.
  3. Using your fingertips slowly massage the conditioner in your hair.
  4. Then use a comb to make sure you reach every bit of your hair.
  5. Leave the conditioner in your hair for at least 3, preferably 5 minutes.
  6. Rinse your hair clean, and dry it.

Switching Shampoos

When you buy a good quality shampoo there is generally no need to switch shampoos. The only reason why you could or should (occasionally) use a different shampoo is that your current shampoo (and conditioner) could leave behind some residue.

Using a different shampoo could get rid of this and clean your hair completely.

One other reason to do the switch (again, occasionally) is to give your hair “a rest“. On this topic, it might even make sense to not wash your hair for a week (or two) to give your hair a rest.

The last tip here is to use plain olive oil. Use this once a month. It will give your hair the necessary “rest” it needs to stay healthy. After applying the olive oil, leave it there for at least 30 minutes. Then use your usual routine to wash and condition your hair.


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