Best dry shampoo 

Best dry shampoo

A variety of products related to hair care have been introduced in the cosmetic industry. Some of them have harmful ingredients that may result in a long-term impact on your hair. After your skin, your hair is the most important part of your looks. Beautiful healthy hair can add that extra glamour and splendour to your overall persona.

People with a bob cut or a layered cut can suffer from certain scalp conditions, which creates a major hurdle in managing these tresses. Hair management varies depending on your hair type. You cannot use any random XYZ shampoo without understanding your hair and scalp need.

Among the various cleansers, shampoos that treat oily scalp are in great demand. Both oily and dry hair conditions are a big problem that a lot of people face. The only way to cure these conditions is to use a proper shampoo that can remove all the dirt from the scalp, thereby, improving your hair’s condition.

People with oily hair need frequent washes; therefore it is essential to use a shampoo that has minimum unsafe content. In the late 1960s, the cosmetic industry introduced dry shampoos to solve the needs of a lot of people with oily hair.

Dry Shampoo Explained

The minute we hear the words “dry shampoo”, the first thing that clicks our mind is that it must be a regular cleanser for excessively oily hair. It is true that this shampoo is for oily hair, but it is not a fluid shampoo but rather a spray or (usually) a powder, which absorbs extra oil and makes your hair feel fresh. In simple words, it is a shampoo that does not need water and still cleanses your scalp and hair.

You can use this shampoo if you do not have time to wash your hair regularly. People with oily hair have to wash their hair almost every day to avoid greasiness.

You do not have to worry and crib anymore! You do not even have to curse your poor hair for being like this! What are these dry shampoos for? Of course, they are developed to give you the liberty of using them whenever you want. However, do not forget to go for a regular wash with regular shampoo once a week.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

The moment you know that you need a hair wash, you buy this shampoo to use it during your busy schedule. Here are some advantages of using this shampoo:

  • It is simple to use; you just have to spray it in
  • Save water and time; it hardly takes few minutes
  • Portable; the moment you feel greasy hair you can use it anywhere
  • Not very expensive
  • Available in many varieties; like volume booster, shampoo for curly hair
  • Free from sodium lauryl or Laureth sulfate
  • Safe on treated and coloured hair

Though different brands have started launching their own dry shampoos to cater to the need of the consumers, it is crucial to use the best dry shampoo. There are several good options to choose from. You can start here.

How to Choose a Good Dry Shampoo

From hundreds of hair cleansers, it becomes very difficult to decide the best dry shampoo. The best one has the best ingredients, is cost-effective and has no risk for you using it. If you find these three things present in your cleanser, then you’ve found the best dry shampoo for you. In these busy times, when we do not even have time to eat properly, it becomes very difficult to take out time to focus on your hair.

For the above reason, dry shampoos are the best option as they do not need much time to apply and use. You can call this product: “on the go shampoo!” The main source (active ingredient) of this shampoo was the home remedy of corn and rice starch to treat greasy hair. Developed on this idea, in most of the shampoos, you will experience a powdery feeling. But it is still nice and works!

The best dry shampoo should be free from any chemical content; there are organic dry shampoos too. You can prefer an organic one for pure nature experience. Also, choose the one that Volumizes and does not make your scalp feel chalky.

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