Shampoo For Women Part II

Shampoo For Women Part II

The beauty of a woman also lies in her hair. The long luscious hair or a short stylish bob cut can make you adorn that gorgeous look. Your hairstyle can alleviate your beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your hair from massaging, cleaning to conditioning. Everything.

Getting a good shampoo specifically for women can additionally improve your hair. Every woman wants to have shiny, smooth and long hair to go for any style. Cleansing should be an essential part of your hair care routine.

Hair Texture

You need to start by selecting the shampoo that is best for your hair type. Let me explain: If you have dry hair, you cannot choose an oil-free shampoo. That shampoo will make your hair brittle. Also, with oily hair, do not go for a shampoo that is hydrating and moisturizing, as that will turn your greasy hair even more greasier. If you have Curly hair, click here for more information.

The different hair textures are

  • Coarse hair that is very dry and needs more care
  • Frizzy hair is more prone to split ends and damage
  • Limp hair can turn sticky and greasy
  • Coloured or treated hair is more susceptible to damage

The Best shampoo for Women According to Their Hair Type

Every hair type needs proper attention, as every type is different from the other. The understanding of the texture is necessary to decide which shampoo will give you the best end results. Often most people randomly choose a shampoo and keep switching every now and then (I know I have). While trying out a different brand of shampoo is a good thing, randomly changing does not make sense if you want effective results.

Women with curly hair that is mostly dry and coarse should not shampoo very frequently. It should be restricted to once or twice a week. The problem with this hair type is that it is difficult to detangle the locks. You need more conditioning. Therefore, use a moisturizing, preferably cream based shampoo that smoothens your locks. You can opt for products that have essential oils like:

  • Almond
  • Wheatgerm
  • Shea butter

Oily hair needs regular cleaning and less conditioning. You need to use a non-creamy gel based shampoo, preferably with Tea tree oil and Lemon.

Dry hair suffers from the maximum damage. This type needs essential care. Use a creamy, hydrating shampoo with a cream-based conditioner to mend the hair damage.

The love for hair colouring, straightening or perming has long-term disadvantages. Your hair has more chances of being damaged or you may suffer from hair loss. Often, hair can become frizzy and unmanageable. Therefore, you should use shampoos that are rich in protein and are made for such hair. You can use mild shampoo instead of a harsh one.

Ingredients in Your Shampoo

Once you know the shampoo that works best for you. You need to ensure that the ingredients present in it are not harming you in any way. Your shampoo should not have:

  • SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent
  • Mineral oil and parabens
  • Any harmful chemical like glycol

In addition to this, you should use a shampoo that has organic or natural elements present in it. It makes sense to use a Volumizing shampoo for thickening your hair volume. You can also go for purely herbal shampoo, which has proteins that are necessary for hair growth. A lot more specific information on all this can be found on this site. Simply do a search using the search field on the right.

Hair Problems Faced by Women and the Role of Shampoo

Getting your hair in order and manageable the way you want it is not only up to the shampoo you use. Here are a couple of factors to consider:

The environmental pollution, sun damage, chemical usage, SLS, genetic factors, diet and diseases including stress can affect directly or indirectly your hair. It makes sense to handle these problems delicately and carefully to avoid losing your hair permanently. Almost every second women are facing problems like hair loss, dandruff, or some hair infection.

A good shampoo specifically for women can treat these problems by cleaning your scalp properly. Stimulate the hair follicles and results in new growth. Therefore, it is important that you choose and experiment with a shampoo considering the above things. Your choice must have protein to take care of your hair shaft and provide necessary keratin.

There are medicated shampoos for women who suffer from dandruff or any infection. It is a common observation that every month, there is a new shampoo in the market. You do not have to try them every time and stay away from switching shampoos frequently. If it does not suit your scalp, then you should opt for a better one.

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